MediaGrowth Executive Summit Delivers for B2B Media Execs

MediaGrowth Executive Summit attendees explore ideas for maximizing profits in B2B media 
“Quality, thought-provoking sessions from leaders including Ty Bobit, Paul Tourbaf and Peter Stamats, to name a few. Plus valuable networking time with old friends and good new contacts. Only Kathi, with her three decades of experience and track record could pull this off. Well done Kathi and see you next year!”   
                                                                John Cappelletti, CEO/ President, Putman Media 

Simonsen Sales & Marketing, LLC called the inaugural MediaGrowth Executive Summit (MGES)  held April 11-13 in Chicago, a great success.  Presented in association with global assurance provider BPA Worldwide, the event brought C-Suite executives together to explore and discuss industry trends and challenges as presented by 14 B2B media thought-leader presenters.  A limited number of   innovative industry suppliers highlighted resources for publishers.


“We are gratified by the results of our inaugural event,” said  Kathi Simonsen, President of Simonsen Sales & Marketing, LLC.  “The Summit was designed by and for B2B Media Executives and both attendees and sponsors pronounced the event well worth the time invested.  They acknowledged that they gained a number of ideas to help them increase revenue and profits in these challenging times.”

MediaGrowth Executive Summit, held at the stylish Renaissance O’Hare Suites Hotel, supported business-to-business media executives’ efforts to maximize revenue in an ever-changing marketplace by implementing new ideas built on the industry’s core values

MediaGrowth Awards Announced 

The MGES was also host to the announcement of the MediaGrowth Awards.
The awards recognize those B2B media teams that sold outstanding integrated marketing programs in 2015 which were successful in helping customers communicate their messages and grow revenue.  The winning teams demonstrated a focus on new and innovative platforms and techniques while at the same time maintaining B2B media’s core values. Nominees were judged by the MGES advisory board and the selection process was monitored by BPA Worldwide.  The three winning teams and the executives that nominated them are:
Bobit Business Media, Eric Bearly,  Brief Media, Elizabeth Green    Penton, Joann Kropp 

Congratulations to all three teams! 

Presenting the Awards was Kathy Mancini, Sr. Product Engineer, Computer Fulfillment and MGES Charter Partner, Marco Urbanic, Business Manager, iSIRC and MGES Charter Partner and Ann O’Neil, SVP, Scranton Gillette and MGES Advisory Board

Save the Dates:  Next year’s MediaGrowth Executive Summit 2017 is scheduled to be held April 3 – 5 in Chicago

For Information, contact Kathi Simonsen, President, Simonsen Sales & Marketing, LLC at,, 530-268-4717

About Simonsen Sales & Marketing

SS&M has been working for more than twenty-five years to expand the reach, strengthen the influence, and increase the profits of B2B media companies. Its MediaGrowth Strategies services in management consulting, sales and sales management training, and talent procurement have assisted hundreds of companies and thousands of media professionals. MediaGrowth Executive Summit is SS&M’s latest effort to advance the interests of all members of every B2B media community (media companies and their readers/users, advertisers, employees and suppliers).

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Speaker: Rance Crain, President, Crain: Rules of the Successful Entrepreneur

MediaGrowth Executive Summit is delighted to announce a presentation by Mr. Rance Crain, President of Crain Communications.  Mr. Crain will share “10 Rules of the Successful Entrepreneur” that have guided his company’s growth through both good and hard times for 100 years.

centered-RanceCrain11Rance Crain, President, Crain Communications
The Rules of the Successful Entrepreneur.  
Ten Principles that Brought 100 Years of success
As new industries emerged and technological advances influenced media philosophies, the leadership at Crain embraced “an entrepreneurial spirit” that helped build some of the strongest brands in business publishing – Advertising Age, Automotive News, Crain’s Chicago Business, Crain’s New York Business. Crain’s Detroit Business, Pensions & Investments, Modern Healthcare, Business Insurance and Investment News…
Mr. Crain’s stories will include his views on opportunity, starting out small, caring for employees, quality editorial and creating a company environment of confidence and success.  He will also share views on using new technologies to strengthen content and serve audiences.

Visit for details on MediaGrowth Executive Summit, held April 11-13, 2016 in Chicago and to see who has registered to date.  Agenda   Register           

To your long-term success built on B2B Media’s core values and strengths,
Kathi Simonsen
MediaGrowth Executive Summit
April 11-13, 2016 

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Happy Holidays / New Revenue Models

No One Has All the Answers, Everyone has a Few

At another holiday season, once again my thoughts are filled with family, friends and celebrations.  I also find myself reflecting on the importance to me of our industry.  I’m filled with excitement about the future of media; of the publishing companies I know and admire, the audiences and advertisers they serve, the suppliers with whom they partner, and even the competition that pushes everyone to new levels of creativity.   Especially this time of year, I so value my business partners, associates and colleagues.

Our industry has certainly experienced its share of disruptions in the last few years. But I’m encouraged by many media companies that I see meeting the challenges with an eye on the long-term future.   Family-owned, private and public companies, with long-term commitments to their marketplace communities, are pursuing new ideas and technologies without sacrificing their loyalty to their customers and skilled employees.

Revenue is the focal point of these companies’ efforts, but their profit timetables seem to be balanced with strategies that reinforce the value of their products rather than discounting them for quick sale.  Their success rests not only on the touted efficiencies of new marketing methods, but also on the accumulated knowledge and networks of their diverse employee resources.  Their promises to marketers and advertisers are consistent and backed up with black and white data.  And their commitment to serving their audiences is held to the highest standard.

The formula for success is certainly complex.  Competition is intense and coming from new directions all the time.  Investment, revenue and cash flow carry with them realities that cannot be minimized.  Economic, cultural and industry forces are fluid and fickle.  But the services our media industry can provide are in demand and there are industry leaders who are experiencing growth.

No one has all the answers.  Everyone has a few.  I invite you to come to MediaGrowth Executive Summit in Chicago on April 11 – 13, 2016,   You will hear the latest expectations of  CMOs from five major industries, as well as media company leaders and technology experts who will share success strategies for you to consider.  You’ll also have opportunities to connect with your executive colleagues for valuable interaction and discussion on New Revenue Models, please review MediaGrowth Executive Summit’s agenda.

I wish you and yours all the best that the holidays offer, and I hope to see you in Chicago next April!

Happy Holidays!  Kathi

Kathi Simonsen
President/CEO, Simonsen Sales & Marketing
For Current Trends and Colleague Networking
MediaGrowth Executive Summit

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Happy Thanksgiving / B2B Innovators

DSCN4373Is it getting more difficult to build and maintain a creative, effective media team?  Does it require more innovative technologies to hold the interest or your readership?  Are your advertisers pulling back?  Does it feel like you are laboring much too hard for the results you’re achieving?  Of course it does.

In working closely with a number of B2B Media companies and their employees, I believe I have a unique perspective.  I hear why employees leave media companies and why many don’t even want to work in media anymore.  I see the results of decisions that are made in response to new, unproven and disruptive ideas and technologies.   It is more difficult to own a media company today than ever before.  As a media sales trainer, management consultant and conference planner, I too have to rely on a team.  I too want instant results.   And I am frustrated when faced with decisions that seem “make or break”, when mistakes occur that must be made right, and when things don’t happen as quickly as I think they should.

Last week it suddenly hit me that I was pressuring my staff in the same way that I warn my clients against.   I was telling a client recently to adhere to the core values we will be emphasizing in the MediaGrowth Executive Summit next April and she said, “Kathi, it’s easy to talk the talk and hard to walk the walk.”   As I thought about it, I reaffirmed my belief that most of us in B2B Media believe in the core values and their power to bring us success.   It’s just that in the mad-dash rush to make the daily decisions that will keep our companies on the cutting edge of innovative services to our customers – or even just to survive — it’s easy to lose the focus on the values, many of which are long-term in nature.

DSCN4390Success in B2B Media has always and will always require a long-term focus.  The way we build our brands gives readers, advertisers, employees and suppliers a sense of whether we are worth their time or not.  I’ve watched many great quality publishers succeeding, despite the turbulent times and rapid changes, because they focus on the long-term and work to give everyone in their path success.  Those brands are resilient and, while it is not easy for anyone today, they are adapting and continuing to build a future for themselves and the community they serve.

Our goal for the MediaGrowth Executive Summit is to help our industry with innovations for answering the demands of our time, while adhering to the core values that have made it so influential for over a century.   I realize that it is the professionals that I have befriended and learned from over many years in the business that make my success possible.  I believe the MediaGrowth Executive Summit will provide us all an efficient opportunity to share ideas that will make our businesses stronger and better able to meet the needs and desires of our customers and partners.

I hope that you will join us to learn more about the future of marketing from Chief Marketing Officers representing a variety of industries.   They will share how your company can plan to meet their needs going forward.    We will hear from some of our B2B media colleagues and also look at new tools being developed to help media companies succeed today.

Join us in Chicago on April 11-13, 2016 for a conference, requested by and responding to the needs of industry leaders like yourself, which will focus on B2B Innovators who achieve 21st Century Success Built on B2B Media’s Core Values.   Details are at

The Best of Success,

Kathi Simonsen, President/CEO
Simonsen Sales & Marketing, LLC

For Current Trends & Colleague
MediaGrowth Executive Summit 

Please visit

  abuse contacts .
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Management Made Excellent

DSCN4373Management Made Excellent by Kathi Simonsen

In today’s crazy media landscape some companies clearly stand above the rest in sales success, long-term customer relationships, employee retention and growth.  Over many years in this industry I have observed that the companies which perform the best are the ones led by a certain type of leader.  What are the characteristic of these heroes?

According to management expert Stephen Covey, there are three types of leaders;   dependent, independent and interdependent*.   Much of what he says can be applied to media sales leadership.

The interdependent leader is my favorite so let’s start there.  This person usually comes from sales, though not always.  But they always know what empowers salespeople.   They work with and for salespeople, not on or around them.

I’ve worked with a number of great sales leaders over the years and it is clear to me that salespeople are happy and willing to go many extra miles when they are engaged by an interdependent manager.  I’ve seen the companies these leaders work in grow significantly, despite the challenges that have plagued publishing.

Here are some of the things they do:

  • They give as much freedom as possible (CRM and accountability systems are useful, but salespeople, by nature, are very independent).
  • They respond positively to both positive ideas and negative feedback.
  • They do their utmost to provide the resources that are needed for each individual salesperson’s success.
  • They remove fear through the elimination of intimidation.
  • They listen to their people and implement their ideas whenever possible.  (One of my customers told me recently that many of his most profitable programs have come from the suggestions of employees.)
  • They believe in and trust salespeople to make good decisions while supplying them the information needed to make those decisions.
  • They don’t micromanage.
  • They don’t cover their own lack of sales experience with the power of their title.  Their motto is; “we will conquer all obstacles and be successful together, we are a team”.

Interdependent leaders are a major part of the reason that a few companies are wildly successful in spite of the problems that media faces today.  Their salespeople love working at these companies and are willing to work harder and give more because they feel that their leaders have been good to them and that their best chance of success will come by following them.   They empower everyone, and as a result, a lot of new, creative and innovative ideas contribute to their companies’ growth.

By contrast, dependent leaders rely totally on their salespeople’s abilities.  They see their own job as that of a drill sergeant.  Results are achieved through dictate and the demonstration of power, often relying on intimidation, to ensure that goals are met.  In many cases these leaders have come into their position having never sold and with little idea of what it’s like to deal with the ups and downs of working a sales territory.   They can also fall back on controlling as a means of covering their lack of sales experience.  Needless to say, the turnover (of talented salespeople) in companies run by these leaders is extremely high, while the salespeople who remain are miserable, lack creativity and only give what is absolutely required.

Independent managers have often been promoted from a position as a star salesperson.  Though this can be a great promotion strategy, there is always the risk that the company has lost a good salesperson and gained a poor manager.  The new leader’s selling skills may be excellent, but it does little good because their management skills are deficient.   They believe that everyone should be like them.   If one of their salespeople is not producing, they are tempted to find a new one, or just take over the sale process and leave the salesperson with menial tasks and feeling like a gopher.  This is poor use of two individuals’ skills.

*Stephen Covey, 7 Habit of Highly Effective Managers

If you’d like to learn more about how to be or develop an interdependent leader, contact Kathi Simonsen,, 530-268-4717
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Questions that Sell Large Packages

Goat Pictures 105Everyone in publishing wants to know how to extend their brand. In most markets change and the economy is making it tough to reach sales goals. So salespeople are asked to add a multiude of Internet products and events in order to be able to attain the high revenue expectations of this era. How do you sell these complex multi-media packages to clients successfully? Ask questions, questions and more questions to understand your client well enough to sell them the big packages. Questions help you earn you the right to be heard. They build a partnership which discovers and solves problems for the client.

Here is an illustration of how just how powerful questions can be. I have a client who decided to try out the new questioning skills he learned in our workshop on a customer who only ran a half page of advertising three times a year. He asked “What else do you do with your marketing budget?” The customer answered that he liked face-to-face conferences. His service was a high ticket item and people needed a high level of trust and confidence before they bought. In- person marketing was critical. He continued to ask questions to find more about the customer’s needs and finally came up with a great idea.

Combining his customer’s need for in-person exposure and his magazine’s credibility he asked, “Would you be interested in a conference that is co-branded by both of our companies?” The answer was a resounding yes. My client gave him a bundled price which included the fee for the conference (including, significant profit) PLUS twelve pages of full price advertising. The customer was so excited about the event that he was happy to increase his ad pages from three half pages to twelve full pages! Some of these pages were used to promote the conference.

This large contract would never have happened if my client had simply given a presentation. Everyone needs the questioning process to think through their priorities. My client needed the answers to the questions to understand the client’s true needs. From this understanding of their needs and goals he was able to design an “outside the box” solution that put a significant amount of money in his and his company’s pockets and served the customer’s needs in an extremely effective manner. This is the power of questions.

Partnership Selling begins with us, as salespeople, earning the right to be heard by our prospects and customers. We can’t present our products effectively before our contacts are ready and willing to listen. So how do we get them in a listening mood? The right questions open up the discussion process. The answers you receive help you tailor the presentation of your magazine’s strengths to their needs.

Early in my sales career at Chilton Publishing one of my publishers liked to come out in the winter as an excuse to enjoy the California sun. I would pick him up at the Airport and after a few pleasantries and some catching up with our lives he would start in on what I now consider to be some of the foundational points of my ad sales education.

DSCN4390He would ask who I had lined up for us to see that day and why. He wanted to know where I was on my sales timeline with each company and what my goal was for each particular call that day. In his gentlemanly way he interrogated to find out what I expected to learn about each customer or prospect during each session and what questions I planned to ask to accomplish my purposes.

Through the intentional use of questioning he was getting my attention and communicating his agenda very effectively. He could have lectured me on everything he wanted me to do but would I have listened? Would it have made as much of an impression? Would he have known just what my needs were if I wasn’t interacting with the information.

Questioning ensures that the contact will stay involved and help drive the conversation in a direction related to their interest and needs. Salespeople often tell me they do not ask questions because they want to control the conversation. In reality we are more in control when we are asking questions providing that they are well planned and strategically executed. When you speak, the customer’s mind can wonder. When they speak they are focused and thinking about the subject being discussed.

Essential questions are crafted beforehand after careful research and presented in as smooth and consistent a manner as possible. Your prospect should not feel like you are interviewing or interrogating them. (I guess only sales managers have the right to do that.)

One of my current training clients recently told me that they were able to double the amount of business they did with one of their own partner/customers by asking some of the need-discovering questions we had discussed in one of my workshops. Essential questions are powerful sales tools.
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Media’s Disruptive Technologies

Goat Pictures 105I saw something the other day that helped me solidify my thoughts on how publishing salespeople can achieve greater success, even in these tumultuous times.

I received an annual report from an investment firm that I’ve worked with for many years.  Along with the usual numbers and the economic evaluations there was a report that focused on “disruptive technologies” and how they are challenging and changing the business models of every industry today.

Industries are being disrupted by emerging technologies.  E-commerce and mobile payment systems continue to restructure the retail sector.  Digital communications are redefining how our society interacts.  Battery innovations are reshaping how the auto industry designs transportation.  Additive manufacturing (3-D “printing” of metal and plastic components and parts) is reestablishing the way industry makes products.  New ideas are changing the way business is being done.

Companies are trying to determine which new ideas will stick and which will turn out to be passing and inconsequential.  This attention to disruptive technologies is bringing great success for some companies today and great consternation for others.  Some industry leading companies will probably go away.

The media universe is experiencing this disruption and as a result is expanding, contracting and shifting.  Every day there are more product possibilities for publishers to consider.  They’re scattered in many different areas and advertisers are not sure which are effective or what they should be paying for them.  We advertising sales reps are working with all these possibilities to put them into packages to serve our advertisers.  And the list of customer requests and demands will most certainly keep expanding.  Disruption.

So how do publishers and salespeople embrace the new economic realities and create packages with all the products and platforms that will benefit our accounts – disrupting their industries, rather than being disrupted by them?

Even as the innovative disruptions come, there are still foundational principles that must be addressed; marketing goals and plans to meet them, target audiences and the products that will reach them, community and brand creation and management, opportunities and competitive strengths, marketplace trends… the list will go on.   Homing in on the disruptions that challenge our customers in these areas is, at least, a part of the answer.

In all the rush of today’s world I often notice that salespeople are not putting the time into the absolutely critical task of understanding their clients’ pressure points and presenting a proposal that summarizes the needs and offers benefits that address those needs.  Too often it just comes down to pitching and cutting price.  But price is only an issue in the absence of value.  Even in today’s constantly morphing economy, products that meet marketers’ goals are selling.   If your customers see your package as one that meets their needs – uses the disruptions to benefit them — you will have good results.

Determine what the disruptions are for your customers and prospects – helping them with those disruptions will give them success — and you as well.

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Elite Sales Leadership

Successful Sales Management in Dramatic Change

Hiring Stars

The most important skill a sales manager can develop is hiring the right people. Take your time. This is the most important decision you will make.  Requirements vary with the job, but some universal characteristics to look for are professionalism, tenacity, enthusiasm, eagerness to learn, knowledge of the market, intelligence, and a strong work ethic. How do you discover these?

All Star Coaching

Everyone knows the pressure is on for higher and higher revenue, and it’s the sales manager – the person sandwiched between the executives and the sales troops – who can make the difference between a modestly successful sales team and an outstanding one. How does today’s sales manager create and direct a sales force that can meet ever increasing sales goals?

Managing Conflicting Expectations

 “…This class was great to be able to interact with peers in other industries who still have the same issues in leading teams of sales people. I enjoyed it and learned a lot.” Zachary Kimble, Director of Sales and Marketing, Denver Marriott

“The program is customized to your specific areas of interest and challenges you may face as a sales manager.  I found the interaction between a talented instructor and the attendees was a great asset. It allowed us to share “Best Practices” and work through similar challenges…”  Mike Shea, District Manager, Central Steel & Wire

Are You Born a Leader?

Why is it that some people seem to be born leaders?  Others follow them, trust them, work hard for them, take risks for them, imitate them and even sacrifice for them.  What is their secret?  Is it intelligence, confidence, creativity, charisma, genius?  What!?

The answer to this question is hugely important for sales managers. More than anything, sales managers need committed followers if they are to be successful.  And though it is probably helpful to be a genius, this in itself is not enough.

People follow leaders who:

(1) Know where they want to go, how to get there and who to take with them

(2) Can clearly explain where they’re going and why others should go along with them

(3) Know how to teach, encourage and motivate fairly along the way

(4) Can gather and analyze the “travel and destination” information on the fly.

These four qualities/abilities comprise the four roles of an “Elite Sales Leader”.  This effective sales manager is a Strategist, a Communicator, a Coach and an Evaluator.  Unfortunately, most people are not naturally effective in all four of these roles.

You are invited to join a number of sales management professionals like yourself for two days of strategy sessions in which you will discover and discuss ideas and techniques that yield success in these four roles.  This is an excellent opportunity to interact with like-minded professionals.   These ideas and techniques are also available in a remote learning format.

 For more information on

Elite Sales Leadership Seminars


 Elite Sales Leadership Remote Learning

 Contact:  530-268-4717


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Earn the Right to Be Heard / Hands on Marketing Session

By Kathi Simonsen

A question I often hear in my training sessions is “How do you earn the right to be heard in today’s extremely complex media world?” Many advertisers are too busy to listen.

One of the most effective tools I’ve seen is the hands-on marketing session. It is a great way to help your busy client gather critical marketing information. This meeting brings together all involved customer contacts with any of your company’s appropriate resource people for a facilitated discussion of situation and needs. Helpful research that you provide is often the ticket to the customer’s attendance.

What are the challenges to be addressed with marketing? What marketing tools will be most beneficial? Video? Webinars? Internet sponsorships? E-mail newsletters? Advertising? Newsletters? Trade Shows? Events? Social Media? Mobile? After the session, return with a summary and an analysis of their answers. Determine what is most appropriate for their needs and in what sequence the tools should be used.

Don’t try to sell products that aren’t appropriate. To oversell will jeopardize your credibility. Remember, for this approach to work, you must be doing the client a useful service. Write a one- or two-page summary with sharply defined benefits. Often salespeople try to make these projects too complicated. The opportunity for the customer must be simple. It is much easier to sell a customer an auxiliary product if you can clearly describe the market opportunity in one sentence.

When acting as a marketing resource, leverage everything you can; research, current industry information, data resources, groups of magazines. Work together with all departments of your company to create packages that meet the strategic needs of your advertisers. Tap all your resources to come up with total marketing communications packages that meet your client’s objectives.

Take the time to ask key questions and listen to client’s needs, as well as understand their strategies

1) Write a clear, concise proposal with logistics, details spelled out
2) Focus all parties on the same goal; client, agency, media.
3) Brainstorm ideas until they lead to solutions.
4) Create a turnkey program.

Think like a client’s marketer. Be a visionary and turn your vision into a clear concise proposal. Make sure all parties focus on the same goal. Brainstorm for ideas and create a turnkey program for your client.

With these extra steps you become a customer’s partner and you earn more credibility. The customer will love you and the door will be open as never before. Why? You will have helped him do his job better. You are positioning yourself now as a savvy integrated marketer. Congratulations!

Do you want your staff to learn more about how to “earn the right to be heard”? Are there not enough hours in the day for you to kick-start your junior salespeople? Do you need more revenue from them? Contact Kathi,,, 530-268-4717

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Who Grated My Cheese?

By Kathi Simonsen

It seems like a century ago now, but I can remember when we first realized that things really were changing in the publishing world. We were all occupied with watching our cheese move around and wondering why, if the world was so flat, everything seemed like such an up-hill battle. But now change is old news. We’ve all lived with it for a long while and we’ve accepted it. We’re used to it… Sort of. Still, it seems like maybe now we need a new bestseller that can explain to us who grated our cheese and what we should do about that.

Our media universe is expanding and shifting. Every day there are more product possibilities to consider. They’re scattered in many different areas and customers don’t want to pay a reasonable fee for them. We’re working with all these fragments to put them into packages to serve our advertisers who say they have no budget to spend. brand mentions And the list keeps growing; to print, custom publishing, events and web offerings, media companies are adding all manner of social, mobile and marketing services.

So what is a media salesperson to do with all this grated cheese scattered about? How do you create packages with all the products and vehicles wanted by your accounts? The time it takes to create these packages with so many products may seem like a daunting task, but take a deep breath and focus. The numbers still show that about 80% of your business comes from 20% of your accounts. So who are the top 10-20 accounts that make up that 80% of revenue? Prioritize them by the size of their budget, their commitment to your market and their interest in your magazine and products. Of course you give good service to everyone, but it is these priority accounts for whom it is worth spending the time to create more complex, turn-key packages.

The foundational principles still hold true. What are their marketing goals and marketing plan for 2011? Which products will work best for them? Are they interested in building community? Social Media may be appropriate. Are they focused on a young, tech savvy audience on the move? Mobile. Do they have a target that needs continuing education credits? Webinars. Do they want an in-depth presentation that they can control? Custom Publishing. Do they want to quickly engage a fast moving audience? Video. Do they want face to face interactions? Events. Are they unhappy with their agency or lean in their marketing department? Marketing Services. Do they want to brand? Print is still the best tool for branding. With all the razzle-dazzle of the digital world, print magazines are still preferred by 85% of readers. It’s clear that salespeople can only sell what their publishers have decided to offer, but salespeople can be another set of eyes on the marketplace and a voice to help guide the decision-making process of what products and vehicles will be offered.

In all the rush of today’s world I often notice that salespeople are no longer putting the time into the basic, but absolutely critical, task of understanding their client’s needs and presenting a proposal that summarizes the needs and offers benefits that address those needs. Too often it just comes down to pitching and cutting price. But price is only an issue in the absence of value. If you take the time to show customers how your package of products addresses their needs and benefits them, there will be less pressure on rates. ask google app . Even in today’s economy, products that meet marketers’ goals are selling. If your customers see your package as one that meets their needs, you will have good results. The scattered grated cheese will begin to pile up.
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